paintings, altered book work, and mixed media

paintings, altered book work, and mixed media

paintings, altered book work, and mixed mediapaintings, altered book work, and mixed media

What is Art2Heart?
Art2Heart is a non-profit adventure that I started in 2005.  I wanted a way for people to connect all around the world.  As a child I remembered the joy of receiving a piece of mail.  It was so exciting to hold something in my hands, that someone else had taken the time to send.  And, I wanted to find a way for children around the world to feel valued and important.  I also have a wish that if maybe we can all connect on a more human level, perhaps we may act a bit more kindly to each other.  We take drawings and drawing supplies to other countries and work at homeless shelters, orphanages, with street children, rural schools....we try to reach as many people as possible, primarily children, but all ages are welcome.

How does it work?
Art2Heart travels around the world conduction art exchanges.  We collect artwork from anyone that wants to contribute.  We bring supplies for people to make art by drawing of any type on a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, then adding the words "To my Friend" and your signature.  We collect the drawings and hand out drawings from somewhere else in the world. 
To date, we have conducted over 8,000 exchanges (that is 16,000 pieces of art!) in ten different countries.

How Do You Participate?

Mail a drawing (following the guidelines in above paragraph) , along with a self addressed , stamped envelope to:

Art2Heart, c/o Nance Miller, 480 Gate 5 Rd. st. 278c, Sausalito, CA 95965 

We then will give your drawing to someone, somewhere else, and you will receive a drawing from another part of the world.